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A guide to the dark side

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How to be "progressive"Here’’s why Sharia Law has no place in Britain, or elsewhere<br

Free speech on campus

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Time to stop indulging privileged militant “progressive” puritan student bigots.Free speech? Not at four in five UK universities<br

A special kind of hate

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Muslim anti-Semitism in Europe.Jews in Europe report a surge in anti-Semitism of

Nothing to do with Islam

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The death rattle of a dhimmi society.Cowards at Sky News refuse to show Charlie Hebdo cover<a href=""

Islam in the workplace

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Why is the UK Muslim unemployment rate so high? Take a guess.Muslims face the worst job discrimination of

Choosing to be offended

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It's a Muslim thing.Bid to end suffering of chickens blocked after Muslims complain it would undermine their rights<br

A public apology

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Corruption across the EU "breathtaking" - EU Commission MEPs arrive briefly to collect their

Britain’s cultural problem

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We're paralysed by Islam.1400 cases of “appalling” sexual exploitation revealed in UK report<br

Boo Hoo Palestine

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The biggest political con trick in history, and we fall for it againand again.Hamas: Peace is Zionist

Sweden – Ship of fools

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The shape of things to come on planet "progressive".Sweden swings to left in parliamentary election<a href="

Laughing at the new Inquisition

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The stench of hypocrisy from the “progressive” high moral ground.“Anything but the truth” could be a “progressive” motto.<br

The real enemy within

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What is their common purpose?1400 cases of “appalling” sexual exploitation revealed in UK report<br

Hypocrisy over Gaza

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Israel doesn't owe a biased world any explanation for defending itselfagainst murderers.Hamas sermon from Gaza strip: “Our

Why I support Israel

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And why you should too.BDS Movement: Barbarians inside the gates facts about

Is this helpful?

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I do hope so.Persecution of Baha'is in Iran The last executioner of

Sweden goes insane

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Leading the suicidal "progressive" war on free speech.Swedish politician fined for hate speech against Islam<a href="" t...

Europe – The theft of democracy

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Do you want to live in a sovereign democracy or a federal dictatorship?Corruption across the EU "breathtaking" -

It’s good to be anti-Islam

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...but not anti-Muslim.Christians burned alive, beheaded, crucified and tortured to death

A cure for Islamophobia

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The lie of the century. Who is to blame for "Islamophobia" in the UK? <br

How to be a racist

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As if you didn't know.Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs